'The Transmitter' article 'Can an emerging field called ‘neural systems understanding’ explain the brain?', by George Musser, including our work on using deep neural networks to understand the brain, June, 2024.

Our article 'Modellierung der biologischen Gesichtswahrnehmung mit Künstlicher Intelligenz' co-authored by Lenny van Dyck and myself was published in Der Augenspiegel, December, 2023.

Futura Journal article 'ITC – A VERY SPECIAL MEETING" about the 126th International Titisee Conference including our work on asking 'why' questions about the functional architecture of the human visual system, 1-2023, volume 38.

MIT News article 'An optimized solution for face recognition' about our paper 'Brain-like functional specialization emerges spontaneously in deep neural networks' in Science Advances, April 2022.

Talk at the 'The Science(s) of the Face' webinar about 'A computational approach to human face perception', November 2021.

Keynote talk at the International Interdisciplinary Computational Cognitive Science Summer School (IICCSSS) about 'A computational explanation for domain specificity in the human brain', September 2021.

MIT Tech Review article 'This is what happens when you see the face of someone you love', August 2021.

Quanta magazine article 'Deep neural networks help to explain living brains' including our work on spontaneous segregation of face and object tasks in CNNs, October 2020.

MIT talk 'A computational explanation for domain specificity in the human visual system', June 2020.

MIT Quest for Intelligence article 'Understanding why familiar faces stand out' about my undergraduate student Joanne Yuan's work on face familiarity in CNNs.

Talk at CCN 2019 on 'Why Are Face and Object Processing Segregated in the Human Brain? Testing Computational Hypotheses with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks'

McGovern Institute for Brain Research article 'What's in a face?' about our paper 'How face perception unfolds over time' in Nature Communications.

Talk at CCN 2018 on 'Familiarity Affects Early Perceptual Stages of Face Processing'

Contribution to a Deutschlandfunk Nova Podcast on 'Resting bitch face'